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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

inherent know it alls

My Dad is an IK (Inherent Know It All) and it is becoming harder and harder to deal with. I realize that he's "just trying to help" but seriously, you'd think that someone could take a hint that you don't WANT help from them. I am usually very accepting of advice but he is the last person I want advice from. I know he loves me and I know he cares and has all of this knowledge trapped inside of him that he must get out, but I don't want to hear it. I really really really don't; and when I tell him this he just doesn't get it. He never will. He will never understand that people are annoyed and offended by his forceful way of telling people how, when, and where to do things. He has even admitted that he is an IK (his parents are too, so he even know's what its like to be AROUND one), yet he cannot stop. He cannot stop spreading his knowledge, no matter what. He has recently started teaching me how to walk my own dog, which reminds me of the day I picked up lacrosse and he started teaching me how to hold the stick, even though he hadn't even HEARD of the sport before that day. I can remember my Mom's face, looking out the window at her husband, not knowing what could possibly be going through his mind. To those of you who don't know my Dad, I'm sorry if this sounds terrible. But, for those of you that do, PLEASE tell me you get it. I need to feel like I am not crazy for resenting him. I love him. I really do. I just cannot deal with him. I can't.

On the road trip out here he insisted on telling me when to pack my things the night before, when to feed belle, when to take her out, how to pack the car, when to shower, and when to go to bed. Good GOD, how would he feel if I started telling him when to eat his meals or when to bathe? I don't think he'd take it very well. I can see a pretty big problem with that, yet why is it that I have to just take it while he dishes out his bull. I assume this is a common issue with father's. At least I hope it is. He leaves soon, and I am glad. I am also sorry to my poor sister and Mom who will have to take it.