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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

jenelle, don't kill me for the pictures

Cheesy I know...but I must express my love!

I met Jenelle when I was 11 and she was on a sled. I'll leave it at that. We were friends for the year that I lived in Rochester (although we fought all the time over things like little kids clubs called "roxen boxen", whether or not I wore tight jeans, whose little sister was dorkier, etc). We weren't the best of friends then but somehow became that in the years after I moved. She is the one person in the world that I can count on, even if we haven't spoken in months. I just know that no matter what happens, no matter how long it is before we can catch up again, things will be exactly the same. She gets me. I get her. It's a once in a lifetime friend : ) I sometimes wonder if we will ever live near eachother. In the 11 years that we have been friends, one year was spent living in the same town (actually the same street). Otherwise, we've been hours apart and seeing eachother maybe once a year.

Does everyone get that friend? Or am I just lucky? Either way, I am thankful : )

Jenelle I hope you don't hate me for posting these embarassing pics!!

truth or dare
just before i moved my mom asked me what day camps i wanted to go to in concord and i said something along the lines of "mom, i'm not going to any day camps. i'll just be a corner sniffer". jenelle demonstrates.
there are no words for this