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Monday, September 22, 2008

patrick dempsey is hott

Last night I watched 5 episodes of Grey's Anatomy, and I loved it. I do have one problem though...lifes not like that. Life doesn't make sense, life doesn't give you the answers at the end of each day in a narrated female voice, and everyone isn't fabulously beautiful. I wish it was and I think that's why I like the show so much. As much as I realize it's not real, it brings me to tears every time. Not to mention Patrick Dempsey is the most attractive and fairy-tale like man I have ever laid eyes on.

Belle just tried to jump on the bed and her back legs missed...

Today I was job searching, and I'm pretty sure that I landed a job at Starbucks. Yes, I know Starbucks puts local coffee shops out of business, but hey...the coffee's good and they help give starving kids water. Sorry Walker's, but if I get the job I'm gonna take it. They have benefits. I know I was a part of the Starbucks hatred, but forgive me. I also decided to eat a sit down lunch by myself today First time for everything, right? I'm sittng there reading and the waiter asks me where I'm from and if it's someones birthday (I had a birthday card on the table). I say New Hampshire and yes, my friends are all far away so I'm sending them cards. He goes and gets this girl who went to school in Hooksett (the most hopping town on the east coast I might add). Anyway, she was really nice and understood that I was new to town and asked me to go out in the city. I guess you get rewarded for taking risks!