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Monday, September 29, 2008

Video Chats and Magic Hats (okay fine, no Magic Hats involved)

I am in hysterics, as I just had a video chat with Douglas Greer. For those of you that know Doug, I assume you can understand why this would be hilarious. He has a mustache, and he was picking his nose. We spoke of 9 nipples and inside-out wetsuits.

I also had a video chat with my sister, where I couldn't see her but she could see me (and Bellina). We decided it would be funny if I walked into the other room and showed her a video of Dad sleeping; so in I walked, laughing, with bellina in tow. He stirred and said, instead of any anger towards being woken up, "and WHO is on the other end of this?" as he stared straight into the camera, all groggy eyed. The first thing he asked Kristen was "the internets working? are you using a cord? or is it wireless? where are you? in my office? did mom fix it?". Honestly, WHO wakes up at 12:30am after being asleep and has such in depth questions to ask somebody over a computer video chat?

Anyway, I found a place to live today!! In a house with 3 other roommates, another dog, and a backyard for them to play in. I am very excited : ) And I start work at Starbucks on wednesday. Life is finally becoming a little more interesting. I am also happy because Lynde is flying out here for New Years!!! Yayyyyy. An actual New Years plan!! It's been a few years since I've done something other than sit at home, or fall asleep before midnight :)