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Monday, October 20, 2008


I dont think I can sufficiently explain this scenerio but I'll try.

Dylan, Erin, Belle, and I are walking back from the dog park and we run into this lady who says "hey, if you're interested a huge jellyfish washed up over there under the bridge". YES! Let's go check it out! So Dylan goes and pokes it and tells me how hard it feels. I want to touch it so I go and poke it and can see it's insides and am yelling about how awesome it is. An older couple walking by with their dog hear me and come closer to check it out. They're dog wanders into the water and the lady starts to yell, "Cheyenne! Don't go
!" Cheyenne continues to go deeper and deeper into the water as if she's thinking "Um, can't hear you lady. I'll do what I want" Then Cheyenne, being an old dog, slips on the mud and does a faceplant and ends up with icky brown shit all over her snout. The husband of the woman says, "Great, now we're gonna have to get rid of her". Joking, he says to me, "It's all your fault!" My fault?! No way, it's the lady's fault, the lady that told us about the jellyfish in the first place.

If this isn't funny I apologize. What got to me the most was watching the dog slip and fall. I know it's horrible and I HATE having such a rude sense of humor where I'm always laughing at people's, or animals, misfortune. But I just can't help it. I guess there are worse things.