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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

coming together

It's been a little while since I've written, I guess i've been busy with the new job and moving into the new house. It's been nice, having things come together a little bit! I love the house, the roommates are wonderful and there's a perfect little backyard for Belle to eat random things in. She's already brought in 3 dead rodents for us :-P I honestly can't believe how beautiful California is. I live like a block away from this marsh walking trail that leads to the bay and i feel like I'm in a dream! It's SO beautiful. I mean, New Hampshire/the East Coast is beautiful in it's own way, I'm just not used to this terrain. I have yet to explore the State Park that's right down the street, apparently it has great biking trails and such. I drove through and it's gorgeous.

Starbucks has been good, intense training! Nothing like working at Walkers, where there's about 2 days of training and then you're just thrown in there. I've been training now for a week and a half. But, I am loving the free coffee and tea! Starbucks really does have great coffee, I'll admit :)

The weather here in San Rafael is amazing as well. There have been about 2 cloudly days since I got here a month and a half ago, the rest have been clear blue skies. And not blazing hot either!

Feeling so much better about life in general now that I have some stability. And I cannot wait for Lynde to fly out here for new years :)