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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

seating arrangements

when you're choosing a seat in a movie theatre there's an unwritten rule that most people adhere to: you do not sit directly next to someone unless absolutely necessary. it's just common courtesy. this rule also applies in other public places for example : buses, benches, or sports events. at the movie this evening, it seemed that the gentlemen in the suit carrying a plastic shopping bag either forgot this social rule wasn't properly informed. either way, he proceeded to sit directly next to me when there were clearly other seats open; actually, more than half of the theatre was empty and available for him to sit down and enjoy the movie. dumbfounded, i sat and contemplated the situation until i realized that i would not be able to sit through the entire movie seated next to someone who would make such a radical social error. so, kristen and i motioned to eachother and announced (to no one in particular) that we had to use the restroom where we then discussed who on EARTH would do such a thing and how it made us feel, as strong as the word may be....violated.