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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

gone west

Together so long; now it's over and I have disappeared.
Not only from your house, from the state, but from your mind.
I called, I wrote, I needed you, and I waited for days.
You let me down.

"Best friends", you said, "we were always better friends anyway".
And I believed you.
You can erase the title; you can erase my picture and my things and my scent,
You can throw it all away: all of the things I left behind,
You can vaccum up all of the atoms of our love,
But you will never be able to rid yourself of us, not completely.
Someday when you're the one discouraged and alone and feeling unloved, you'll need to hear the voice of the girl who loved you most;
But she will be gone.
Two thousand miles west now, even further from your heart;
I only wish you had answered.