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Monday, January 19, 2009

dog bites and side mirrors

picnic in berkeley:

belle decides to attack two foreign people sitting on a blanket (when i say attack, i mean with kisses). the couple starts SCREAMING as if belle is some sort of beast about to eat them alive. i've honestly never seen anyone react to a dog that way before! especially one thats trying to give them kisses, not canines in their flesh.

erin, lara and i start walking towards the actual dog park and we hear "CRACK". surely that was the sound of a biker smashing into someones side-view mirror. sure enough, a homeless looking bicyclist crashed into MY side view mirror while i happened to be walking by. i honestly had no idea what to do, so i shrugged my shoulders and walked on.

we enter the dog park and chill for a bit. theres this woman, about 30 maybe, carrying a really old cocker spaniel in her arms while her other dog played. a pack of dogs starts heading towards her, she's not looking and BAM her legs are taken out from under her and she's airborn and hits the ground all the while not letting go of the dog (who isn't even phased by the event whatsoever). i honestly had to bite my tongue because the dog's reaction, or lack there of, was just classic! his ears flew up as they were falling and his facial expression was as if he was thinking "welp, we're goin down i guess.....?"

dog park in mill valley:

i'm standing watching the dogs play when two dogs start trying to play with belle. she doesn't seem to like it all and starts to snarl and do her whole screaming "get the fuck away from me!!!!" deal. the dogs decide to attack so i grab belle while the other owners grab their dogs and belle's SO riled up that she lunges to bite one of the dogs but instead latches onto my arm and CLAMPS down full force. seriously, who bites their mom? then some lady from across the park decides that she wants to walk all the way over to tell me how i didn't handle the situation properly and that i shouldnt reprimand belle because she didnt do anything wrong and that it's gonna mess her up mentally.

THEN belle decides to chase a dog about a quarter of a mile down the path away from the dog park so i had to chase her yelling and screaming in my boots and pea coat all pissed off. my dog is NOT behaving and it's most likely all my fault. great.