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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"the way life should be"

today i really miss camp memories and all my favorites so i would like to take a moment to remember some fabulous times and let you all know how much i love you!

lynde- remember when we would make ridiculous noises over the radios and annoy people? and sit around the fire yelling at the older girls to be quiet when we were really just gossiping and eating lots of marshmallows. oh and of course your unforgettable blister exploding all over dentons face, and our impression of bob running over ogie (ohhh nooooooooooooo). NYE SF! we need to start planning our next trip.

julia- i miss work crew and how hilarious it was. orange hats. party on the beach (lynde getting practically naked and sitting on you). you prancing around pretending your knee was healed. our crazy nicknames. "this is why WE'RE HOTT". adventures in new hampshire, north carolina and now california. you're such a great friend :)

snoopie poopie- putting human characteristics upon animals, specifically seagulls. riding the gator. "meyum meyum meyum". the OUJI board (i think i spelled it wrong). hide and seek in the playhouse with tony. mulch. polyeurothaning the lodge approximately 4 times. cold wet rainy days and space heaters in oak. you witnessing a small french boy stripping on the tennis courts.

wes- running together. texting. ghost riding. laughing and sitting outside the staff lounge in our spot. our obsession w. merrit and his lawn mower. learning so much.

denton- i miss saying your name to the tune of mario..."dentondentondenton". pats pizza. riculous work crew memories. putting the docks together. when are you moving to california?

toenails- i miss our meetings in manch vegas during the off season. speeding through red lights. me trying to push you over and never succeeding. work crew tv nights and diving to the bottom of the lake to find the morrings (or watching you do it). big buck hunter. watching you ride around in the gator de-bugging camp. releasing the hounds.

doug- lifeguarding course. being an hour late to it. 9 nipples. you walking around and explaining in detail what everyone in your sight was doing.

phil- you breaking multiple benches, a boat, a cabin, and everything in your sight basically. you crack me up.

ryan- your stench. fun in portsmouth for the KP reunion. the north carolina state fair...ew. california love.

alice- don't even know where to begin. i'll start w/ trackie bottoms. your bug bites and vaseline. AS IF! our adventures in london. skinny dipping. family camp. rattlesnake memories from back in '05. you dancing to britney spears in the playhouse in the most ridiculous outfit i'd ever seen. such good days.

james and aidan- best foreign boys i know. such great times at the beach, on the boats, staff lounge craziness. rattlesnake adventures, family camp. how about that time we all piled into my studio apartment and could hardly breath it was so hot and sweaty.

GW- about work crew 06. chopping lots of wood, drinking starbucks. being late in the morning. you losing your glasses in the lake. trips to portland. piling into a tent at the launch pad and trying to talk to spirits in the rain.

danimal- the SCAB. orangie 1. orangie 2. orangie 3. the funerals. you getting pulled over in my saab. laughter in general.