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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

new eyes

it's so hot in california right now, i can't believe it! i haven't sweat like this in a while. it's nice though, summer is almost here! officially! i am loving california and don't think i ever plan on leaving (which is weird for me because i have moved SO much). it kind of excites me that i've found a place i really like and feel comfortable with.

as for life in general, i've met someone that has really opened my eyes to living in the moment. i've always been a very happy person, but never really understood how to live like it was my last day. or to do things just for the hell of it. or to try things that scare me to the point of shaking. all of these things have opened my eyes to a new way of life and i am loving it! i feel more free, more open to possibilities and my brain is more willing to wander instead of just living day to day with the same old thing over and over again.

i used to be pretty philosophical and for some reason over the past few years i stopped thinking about the meaning of things. lately, i've started wondering again and it's so refreshing! almost anything sparks a thought about the origins of life, why we're here, if everything is truly connected in an uncomprehensable way. it's like everything has color again. i am so grateful :)

thanks andy.