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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

we just have to make it through

life is insane. i swear it gets harder and harder by the minute. when i was a kid, i never would have imagined the difficulty that i would go through. just the everyday stuff is hard, like sitting in traffic when you're already late, waking up and realizing that theres no more milk for breakfast, having to smile at someone even though you're in a terrible mood. then there are the bigger things like not being able to make rent without sacrificing something big, like food. or, you're dog gets sick and you have to pay 100 bucks just to have her seen by a vet, you find out your parents are selling the house, you've gained five pounds. or the huge things like, you can no longer afford crucial medication that keeps you sane, you're friend tragically died in an accident and you can't afford to make the funeral.

but then there are the everyday things that make you smile like seeing a little girl hold her mothers hand across the street, feeling the breeze on your face as you walk, meeting someone new, laughing hysterically with a friend, or hearing your favorite song on the radio. the big things like winning a contest, getting a compliment, hearing that your best friend is engaged, or that you got your dream job. and then the biggset things of all, like falling in love, seeing the sunset from the top of a mountain, accomplishing a goal or even realizing that after all, life is just a big game of ups and downs and learning how to handle them is the greatest test of them all.