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Monday, May 25, 2009

in the astral plane...

i am feeling pretty lonely lately but am trying my hardest to feel comfortable alone. i have so many great people in my life yet i find myself missing someone. i am hesitant to write about it because it's so personal...but what i'll say is that i saw you in my dreams last night and i am hoping that you saw me too.

do you ever wonder if in dreams we are actually connecting with people? i was talking w/ my roommate about this tonight and it's amazing to think that it's possible. he believes that when you see someone you know in your dreams, you are saying hi to them and it doesn't matter whether or not they remember...he says that he keeps in contact with a lot of his friends in the astral plane rather than in real life because they either live far away or they are no longer playing a big part in his day to day life. i think that's pretty cool!

on a more positive note, went to the park today with the doggies and watched them frollick around....worked out at the gym and took a sauna which was soooo lovely. spent the day with just myself and the dogs, it was nice to take some personal timme. speaking of personal time i am searching for my own studio apartment so that i can have my own space....that would be sooo wonderful to have my own space to decorate how i want, to keep clean or messy if i want....etc. i am getting so frustrated searching but i need to learn to be patient. i am a person that definitely wants/needs instant gratification and that's not a good thing. i am working on that.