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Friday, May 29, 2009

stomp stomp stomp...

@ work with belle belle...she's looking out the window at some guy in a truck as if it's the most interesting thing she's ever seen. i like her.

i am so happy today, i finally found housing that's super close to work and it's a huge weight off my back. i heard a lot of stuff yesterday about a particular roommate (in my current housing situation) that doesn't like me because i walk loudly throughout the house. and when i call belle to come in from outside, it's loud. please note that her complaints range from morning, afternoon, evening to night. one time she came upstairs at 6pm and complained that we were stomping on the floor in the kitchen. first of all, it's 6pm. second of all, we werent stomping, we were walking like normal human beings. one should not expect their roommates to read their mind and assume they are sleeping at such an hour. melanie and i had quite a laugh over that one. it's true, i've always been a loud walker. but really, living with other people means that you need to adjust and learn new ways of handling situations. for example, sleeping with earplugs. or turning on a fan or music. or, nicely saying "could you try to walk a little more quietly?" for a while there, i thought that i was incapable of living with other people because she made me feel so uncomfortable but then mel reminded me that i have lived with others in many situationss very successfully. it's true, i guess this situation just wasn't ideal. this person has a lot of other issues that i feel i shouldn't dislose in my blog (like not even paying rent...) or even worry about so i think i will stop here.

better news, my dad got a job! isn't that fab? it's been a while since he's been making any money so i am thrilled for him and for my family as a whole. i hope that i can see my family sometime soon. i hate being 3,000 miles away from them! they're selling the house so maybe they will move out to CA! :) doubtful but i can hope! it's kinda weird not having my family out here and having to create one of my own...right now it's just me and belle. it's nice, learning to support myself more than just financially. i guess friends can be the family you make for youself as well.

well...more later.