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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yosemite May '09!

had such a fabulous weekend in Yosemite! i spent all day Sunday helping with a climbing/adventure film that comes out next year and got my first taste of what it's like to be filmed/what it's like for a film maker! it's amazing everything we went through just to get a few minutes of footage.

we spent so much time figuring out where to set up the slackline (the best lighting, best backround, best angles, etc) then ended up getting halfway through the rigging over a river and got shut down by a ranger who didn't know what he was talking about (technically we CAN rig slacklines over water, as long as they arent attached to any structures/machinery/build
ings). poor Jason waded up to his chest in freezing water to rig this thing and then it was for nothing! we decided to rig in a marshy field after that with the half dome in the backround at sunset which was beautiful but the mosquitoes we're horrendous!! i was in a sports bra for the filming and got absolutely eaten alive (see below) but it was worth the experience for sure. can't wait to see the film! i'm only going to be in about 10 seconds of it but still, that's so fun! i've never been filmed like that before!

i can't wait to go back to Yosemite in july for the Spire trip. if anyone is interested in coming, let me know. it's going to be "an epic"! mel and i heard this phrase in some movie and decided it's worth using :0)