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Monday, June 1, 2009

bad moods are no fun

rough day today...really bad mood for some reason. woke up really late which made me feel super groggy. found out that poor melanie is having a lot of issues with the whole job search thing and signed a lease before she got a she might have to move back to new hampshire which saddens me!!! i dont want miss melanie to leave. we went to the city so that mel could meet with a lady about being an egg donor....which may sound really strange but it pays 7.500 dollars! not only that but it seems so rewarding to provide a couple with such an opportunity they couldn't have otherwise. the only issue that i have with the whole thing is that there are soo many kids in the world without families so why create more? i truly think that adopting is a wonderful option for couples who can't conceive. i do realize that a lot of couples want to go through the 9 month period and the childbirth...but it just makes me so sad how many kids there are without homes and families of their own.

on a separate note, it smells like dog urine. my dog's urine. i keep spraying the area but it's not helping!!!! ahhhh pet smells.

sorry that this post is so negative, for whomever may be reading it. i am so crabby. i have my period, a headache, feel really lonely and will be very sad if melanie has to leave. am really not happy about my parent's moving out of the house i grew up in....blah. maybe i should make aa list of all the wonderful things in my life to make myself feel better.

1) i love my job.
2) my dog is really really cute.
3) i am going to yosemite in a little over a month!
4) i'm healthy.
5) i found a house right near my job and i'm moving in 2 weeks!
6) i loooove my bosses.
7) i'm getting a lot better @ climbing.
8) i'm going to be in a climbing/adventure film that comes out next year!
9) i live in the bay place ever.
10) lately i've had the giggles like WHOA. it's fabulous.