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Thursday, June 4, 2009

the first step is the battle

@ work and running out of things to do. so i thought i would write even though there isn't too much to write about...i don't think. except for the fact that i sent my first real outdoor highline last night! damian has one set up outside his house between two trees so we went after i got off of work. so fun! standing there for the first few minutes i really started to ask myself why i would even want to do such a thing. it's so scary just standing there, unsure about taking the first step, your mind telling you not to go! but once you do take the first step you realize it's not so bad, and when you get to the other side it's so satisfying and it's clear why you were there in the first place. i can't WAIT to do more highlines, i'm training for the spire and i want to be completely ready. i do not want to get all the way up there and chicken out. that's the last thing that i want, so it won't happen, i won't let it.

office phone is ringing but it's locked in damian's office. great.

i've recently discovered matt costa and i love his music. i recommend checking it out!

that's all.