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Friday, July 24, 2009

Highlining in July '09!

It's been a wonderful few weeks for highlining! Jerry, Pierre, Eric & Julien came through while on their 45 day highline trip for Jerry's bachelor that's a badass party! They four of them stayed @ the gym and did local highlines for about two weeks and I got to tag along.

Highlines that we did:

Wildcat Canyon, Richmond CA. 90 feet long...full-babe! Longest line I had sent @ that great! I even tried a few drop-knee's and some turns. It wasn't too high off the ground so it was a great line to practice feeling comfortable. This is a pic of Damian on the line @ sunset.

Riots Ruins, Marin CA. 180 foot highline with a gorgeous view of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco. A gnarly approach but worth it, except that the boys got busted and were fined $75 dollars each for "walking off trail"!!! BLAH. Here's a pic of my attempts...didn't get very far, but had a blast trying.

Mt. Tam Highline, Marin CA. Approximately 110-120 foot highline on the top of Mt. Tam. Beautiful exposure...the fog was rolling in from the ocean over the hills, it was like we were somewhere else looking down on earth. Didn't send this line.. I tried so hard and got so bruised up!! I even went back the next week w/ Damian and some other highliners from Germany (Sebastian and Samuel)...and still didn't send. AH! This is my new project, for sure. When Andy gets home from his travels I'm gonna make him go back w/ me :)

Hole Rock, Calistoga CA. 75 foot highline near Napa Valley...full-babe. This is the most beautiful highline I've done. I might expect that the Spire would always be my favorite because it was my first real highline and it's just....the Spire! But this one just took my breath away. There was something about it. It was a challenge for me being so exposed so I had to push myself a lot. It was at sunset when I sent with a slight breeze....perfect.


The boys set up a bunch of longlines while they were here...I only really attempted one, 210 feet. We set it up near Lake Anza in Berkeley, CA. I tried a bunch of times and kept falling off right in the middle. All the boys sent, and then when they were about to start de-rigging they asked me if I wanted to try once more....and I sent!!! Such an amazing feeling, it's hard for me to put into words how it feels when you send a line you didn't think you could...

Anyway! That's just a little synopsis of the past couple weeks...I'm sad the boys are gone, it was fun having them around!