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Thursday, July 2, 2009

scratch, scratch...who's there?

so after the lost arrow spire trip, i just couldn't resist going back YET AGAIN to Yosemite! some guys from the gibbon slackline tour were headed up that way, so andy and i decided to join them. yet another 3 hour hike with excessively large packs, but yet another great time! this time i even encountered my first bear (named number 6 due to the tag on his ear). number 6 was ruthless with the stealing our food thing! unfortunately andy and i didn't have a bear box and so were hoping to shove our food into other peoples...but there was no room. SO, we hung our food in andy's bag from a tree hoping that nobody (meaning bears) would get to it. apparently number 6 was quite hungry! he dragged andy's pack into the woods, spewing everything in every direction. he even clawed our tent leaving lovely holes, AND stole andy's apple from INSIDE his coat pocket. fabulous. freddy made the best joke..."scratch scratch...who's there?...number...number who?...number 6!!"

besides number six, it was a fabulous time! the Yosemite Falls Line got rigged in about 3.5 hours, which was faster than we expected. so we got about 8 hours of daylight to play around. andy sent and jeremey sent, the rest of us gave lots of go's! i went out and sat on the line & tried a sit start, but just couldn't get myself to stand up! the rushing water underneath and the fact that the line was a bit long for me was too much! i can't wait to try again. i did crawl out to the middle though and play around. fun stuff!! (see my facebook photo albums for fun pics). patrick went out and sat on the line, mike made it about 3/4 of the way (then sent it a few days later) and freddy tried some sit starts. i met some great people on this trip, so much fun! i wish i could slack all day every day.

we had to head back after only 2 days because i had to work, but it was so worth it!! yosemite is like heaven for those of you who haven't been yet.

so, now i am back in the bay working at bridges. i love it, but for some reason i am really down. i'm guessing it's because i had so much fun in yosemite that i wish i was still there! and the fact that i am struggling to let go of a certain person who really only causes me grief. i know that there are so many things in life to be happy about, i have such great friends and the best job ever...i just can't help but feel a bit lonely. but aren't we all? i mean- even when i was in a relationship that was almost perfect, i never felt quite right and was always searching for more. maybe we'll never feel like everythings in the right place. or maybe it's just allowing yourself to be happy regardless of your situation. i am also pretty upset because theres a very large chance that the footage of my walk of the lost arrow spire has been lost. i know in my heart that it's not the footage that matters and i also know that i will never forget that experience as long as i live, i just can't stop thinking about the stupid tape!

anyway, i think the beatles sum it up in only a few words: "pools of sorrow, waves of joy". that's life, right? truly happy one minute, devestated the next. it's such a cycle. my goal is to allow myself to ride life's emotional ups and downs with ease rather than falling so deeply into my emotions. wish me luck.