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Saturday, September 5, 2009

What have I learned today?

I've decided that every day I am going to write down one thing that I have learned...

9/3 - I learned a whole bunch of climbing technique from Brian...I like him :-)
9/4 - I was sent on an errand for work to a lumber yard. I was very confused and out of place, but I learned how to navigate my way through it. It's funny how the unknown freaks us out.
9/5 - I learned not to drink more than one cup of coffee or else my legs will start uncontrollably jittering. I also learned that being upfront isn't as terrifying as I previously thought.
9/6 - I learned that I must be careful doing lemur leaps on a slackline- or else I might slip off and land on my big toe. Ouchie!!
9/7 - I learned how to rig a mid-line over water, and how to be patient while pulling a whole bunch of weight on a silly little trolly on a dirt trail!
9/8 - I learned that some things are really scary, but just because they are scary doesn't mean you HAVE to do them just to overcome the fear. I didn't want to jump off a 30 ft. cliff because I was scared but I also didn't have a huge DESIRE to do it....therefore, I didn't.
9/9 - Today, I learned not to pop a pimple while at work because it will swell up like a balloon! Also, if you're late for work, you're late for work. There isn't much you can do to change it.
9/10 - I've gone off of my anxiety meds, I expected the worst. But I am happier than ever! (went back on due to severe withdrawal symptoms)
9/29 - I learned that a 12 hour day @ work can actually be quite pleasant w/ a game of scrabble and great company!
9/30 - Today I learned that I can carry my boyfriend on my back pretty far! :-P
10/4 - My medication for anxiety blocks my emotions....going to see someone about getting off of them..I want to feel!
10/5 - I love Radioheads album "In Rainbows".
10/6 - I learned that I really like being happy for other people, it's almost as great as being happy for myself.
10/9 - I learned how Fondu is made!
10/10 - I learned that I'm not the only one that gets stressed out.
10/14 - I learned that my dog is actually capable of learning how to walk nicely on a leash.
10/15 - Today I learned how to use Microsoft Excel! (Kinda)