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Thursday, November 12, 2009

330 ft. Longline- First attempts

A bunch of slacklining/highlining boys from Poland are staying at the gym for a few days and yesterday they set up a 330 foot longline in a park right by the gym. I rode my bike over during my break hoping to give it a shot with no expectations whatsoever (considering my longest line has been about 200 ft and this would be a huge leap). The guys were psyched on letting me try it out, so I got on and turned up my iPod featuring Radiohead (my favorite slacking music- of course). My first try I got about halfway across and then came off. What a fight!! The length really creates reverberations through the line that are SO hard to control. But it was SO much fun. It's such a mental and physical challenge and I love that. The guys re-tentioned the line a bit and then I got to give it another shot. This time I made it ALMOST all the way across until about 10-15 feet from the end!!! AH!!! It took so much effort and concentration to get there, to fight through every little distraction and movement and then BAM- off. I was so close that I couldn't help but shed a tear. It's funny; of course I was disappointed and wanted to send...but there's something about trying and failing that makes things worthwhile.