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Monday, November 16, 2009


Hey everyone...sitting at work this lovely monday morning thinking about what to write. The only thing that I can think about right now is how badly I want to be in Yosemite with everyone!! Got a call from Brian this morning telling me that they were about to start hiking up the Falls Trail to rig the Lost Arrow Spire line....AH! I guess it's just my turn to miss out....but I really hope that Brian sends it! He's tried once and failed, so he will get it for sure this time (considering he just sent a much longer line a few days ago). He is a lot more prepared this time around. I just wish I could be there to see it happen! He will be back soon though and we will leave for our trip to Moab. YAY!!! God I love highlining....I can't even explain what it does to me, and what's it's done for my life. I feel complete when I am out there, challenging myself like I never have before, both mentally and physically, and overcoming the essence of fear. It's like I am finally truly living.