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Saturday, February 20, 2010

25 Random Things About Me! (This is what happens when it's slow at work...)

1) I am addicted to chapstick. I keep it by my bedside just in case I wake up in a fit of chapped lips.
2) I can walk highlines thousands of feet off the ground, but I cannot willfully jump off of things. It terrifies me!
3) I laugh hysterically when people fall down to the ground (and are alright, of course). Sometimes it get me in trouble :-P
4) I was the most bratty/selfish little girl you would ever meet (don't worry, I realized it, and I've changed).
5) I really don't like being around negative people.
6) Sometimes, I have the strangest urge to swim in extremely cold water.
7) I have an affinity to balancing (gosh, it's fun!).
8) I absolutely love dogs. I LOVE them. If I'm grouchy, show me a dog and I'll be instantly cured.
9) If I could live at any point in time, I would choose to live with the Native Americans. They truly lived life fully, and in a way that I would love to experience! No creature comforts.
10) I believe in many, many different kinds of love.
11) I'm terrified of childbirth.
12) I keep a box of letters that I've received throughout my life, from friends and family, and read them about once or twice a year. It truly refreshes me and helps me gain perspective on how much things have changed, and how much things will always change. It's also nice to reminisce!
13) I have recurring dreams that I can fly, but I only do it at night when no one can see me.
14) I think that happiness is a choice, and I've chosen it.
15) One of my favorite words is "Sneeze".
16) I'd like to experience as many new and different things as possible in my lifetime.
17) I've lived in 8 US states and hope to live in many more!
18) I was born with a large red birthmark on my left shin that looked exactly like a rose. People would ask WHY my Mom tattooed her daughter. The birthmark disappeared around age 3 or 4. Strange!
19) After all the sports I've participated in (pretty much every sport under the sun) I've NEVER broken a bone. Lucky me!
20) My Dad had me on ice hockey skates when I was 6 years old. Then when I was 7, I was the only girl on an all boys hockey team. Such a tom-boy!
21) When my sister was born, I suggested that she be named either "Booshoo or Clupup". They proceeded to name her "Malorie Kathleen" which didn't stick. They changed it later on to "Kristen Renee".
22) I think that society has created a very skewed view of life in general. 
23) The only thing I want to spend my money on is Gear and Travel!
24) My mother is the most loving, caring, and intuitive woman I have ever known. As Jenelle says, she is a kindred spirit.
25) I really hope the world doesn't end in 2012. I'm having too much fun!