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Sunday, March 14, 2010

  Amazing sunset the other night....

Knee still hurts. Not good! I'm a bit concerned that it won't be healed in time for the trail, which would be a big bummer. Injuries are no fun!! It's so hard not to climb and slackline as usual. I feel so....trapped! I just want to move around, but I'm stuck sitting on my butt. I guess I should stop whining about it and be patient (patience is a virtue, right?).

Anyway, in better last day at work is tomorrow and then I am going to Indianapolis for Gibbon to slackline with Jeremy. I'm gonna have to take it easy because of my knee, of course, but it should be fun! Then after that I start packing and moving out of my apartment. Eek!! A new chapter shall begin. Mike and I will head to Boulder, CO where his parents live....and we'll hang out around there for a little while and see how my knee progresses. From there, we'll figure out the next step. I've always wanted to check out Boulder, so I'm psyched about that! And of course seeing all the slackers that live there.