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Monday, March 8, 2010

Hollywood and Santa Monica Beach Trip!

A couple weeks ago, Mike and I were sent down to Hollywood for a Television show called "The Doctors" on CBS. We were representing Gibbon Slacklines and were on the show to demonstrate and explain why slacklining is great for the body! I had never been on television before so it was a bit nerve racking at first. We had to do a rehearsal the day before the taping, which was very relaxed and kinda silly...."stand here, but don't stand there! don't stand too close to this guy...he needs his space. be sure to be excited. but don't talk too much. be brief!" I tried to obey all of the rules :) We made up a little slackline routine and Mike had to bow afterwards. SOOO not him! was quite the experience and I'm glad I got to go. It was cool to see what goes on behind the scenes! So many cameras, sooo many people with different jobs to do (lighting, maintenance, stand in's, audience that claps at certain times, people that give you the microphones, people that escort you to and from, make-up and hair stylists, etc). It was totally weird seeing myself on TV.....not sure I liked it. I had to wear gobs of make-up too which wasn't fun! Mike certainly didn't enjoy that part either.

After the show, we had the whole day to ourselves so we went to Muscle Beach in Santa Monica and hung out by the water, ate at "Bubba Gump Shrimp" just like in Forrest Gump (which we had watched the night before!), and slacklined over the sand. Met some really great people that day! I'm really glad I got to go and have that experience.