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Friday, April 23, 2010

Moab...coolest place ever!!

Hanging out in Moab, Utah ROCKS. It is definitely my new favorite place in the US!!! Mike and I have been doing a lot of highlining and climbing here, and are staying with friends Brent and Canyon (who have so graciously let us crash on their couch). We accompanied Andy Lewis as he rigged the World Record Highline of 330 feet and have been attempting the line until a few days ago. The line turned out to be WAY too heavy to walk!! The record was 28 steps, which is surprising considering Mike and Andy are two of the best highliners in the world. Here is a video that I made summarizing the trip :)

The line was really intimidating, super loose and super heavy. The boys tried so hard that they completely exhausted themselves both mentally and physically (you shoulda seen the bruises!!) I didn't really focus my energies on the world record line. Seeing the two of them fail really didn't give me much hope. So, I focused more on the 120 footer that would be my personal record if I walked it. This line had only been rigged once before by Dean Potter, who did a B.A.S.E jump off of it. Andy rigged the line and I avoided it for about a day. I didn't want to think about it until I was actually ready and standing up to walk. When I did....I was completely in the zone. I didn't want to fall. I didn't want to have to crawl back to the beginning and try 10 more times, so I pressed on as hard as I could. I lost my balance due to fear a couple of times but fought it, hard. In the middle I had the most trouble...I started to think about where I was, the exposure, the risk of falling and having to begin again; but, then I heard Andy's voice..." calm, relax em....breathe!!!". So, i did. I relaxed and I felt my entire body let go of all its tension.  I tried to hold that until the end....and when I got there I realized that I had on-sighted Dean Potter's B.A.S.E line. EEK!!! My biggest accomplishment yet. Not only was it my longest highline, but my longest on-sight. I was satisfied. I tried to walk back, but was completely distracted by the accomplishment so I let it go and basked in the glory of beating my personal record :)

Here is a photo of me on the line!

Some other accomplishments:

Ryan Matson walked his first highline ever, along with three others! (22 feet, 47 feet, 66 feet an 92 feet)

Justin Adkins also walked his first highline and all three of the others!

Libby Sauter and myself both walked our first highline in a swami belt (meaning no leg if you fall, it could potentially hurt quite a bit).

Hayley Ashburn sent her longest highline of 66 feet!

Andrew Tysinger sent the 66 footer after quite a bit of hesitation, or what we call "The Fear"

Taylor Fool did a tyrollean on a highline: her first highline experience!

Brent and Canyon Cain both did a Tyrollean and Canyon also did some intentional whippers (he threw his body out into the abyss)!

and MUCH more was accomplished during the trip.

We also did some climbing as well, which was fun for me because I haven't in such a long while! Brent and Canyon put up some routes for us and I was honestly amazed at Canyon's ability....he's 13 years old and leads 5.13 TRAD!!! Here are some shots:

Canyon Leading

 That's all for now!! Mike and I are off to the East Coast to do demos for Gibbon and to climb/highline as well! I'll be sure to update soon.