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Saturday, October 30, 2010

as of late

i am currently in boulder, colorado staying at my friend hayley's apartment. hayley is a fellow slackliner and one of the only other good females in the sport! mike is busy packing up his things at his parents house as we plan on moving soon! hayley and i are planning on rigging a 500 ft. longline tomorrow to break the current women's world record longline send (given we send, and given we dont get kicked out of the park!). in boulder, we get kicked out almost every time we set up a longline....hopefully tomorrow luck will be on our side.

plans for the next month are pretty busy. first, we have the dever ski and snow show with the gibbon team....then, we fly to boston for another ski and snow show where we will then drive a van down to pennsylvania for another demo with our friends at funtastik skate shop! hopefully while in pennsylvania i will be able to visit my best friend jenelle, who just got married in july!! from there, back to boston, back to boulder and then to moab!!! in moab (my favorite place in the WORLD) we will highline with people from all over the US and abroad. i can't wait!! it's going to be a great place for people to highline for their first time, for the experienced to challenge themselves on long long highlines (anywhere from 100 feet to 300 feet! and maybe longer!). this is one event i look forward to each year, as the community grows more and more people come and the more people i get to meet!

in other grandfather is slowly fading away as he is not in the best of health. for the last year, he has been suffering. all his life, he has been a handyman; always working on something, fixing someones window or door, or railing, or building toys for us....he could never sit still. since he has been sick, he hasnt been able to do anything but sit in a chair with an occasional trip to the bathroom. it as been the biggest challenge of his life, no being able to do what he loves or what makes him feel important. it's been hard for my everyone in the family to see him this way and as he's fading now, i am glad. i am glad that his suffering will end and that he will no longer feel useless in the world as he sits in his chair. i know that he is ready to go, and i am excited for whatever is to come for him after this life. he has been such a loving person in my life, there for every christmas and every birthday. there being his silly little self, cracking jokes and showing the world what hard work really is.

thanks for reading! i will update soon as this next chapter of my life continues.