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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nor'Easter to San Diego!

Hi all! I'm here in San Diego working with Mike and Frankie Najera on our Slackline 101 film for's going to be fun :) The film will be for sale at REI, EMS, and other retailers that carry Gibbon Slacklines. Be sure to stay tuned, i'll post when it releases!

Below is a picture of my slackline toys ( I recently acquired, or went broke buying, the rest of my longline set-up!)

Since my last post, Mike and I have been to New Hampshire, Ohio, Colorado, and California.

In New Hampshire, we attended the Nor'Easter Climbing Event! It went really well, our slackline booth was the most popular by far. We got about 10+ people super stoked on slackline and are now following them on facebook and seeing their progress :)

After the Nor'Easter, we went to Pennsylvania to do a demo for  store called FUNTASTIK. It's a skate shop in Mechanicsburg. It was one of our best demos by far. Aaron and Birdie, the owners of the shop set it up so that we did a demo in front of 3 high school gym classes, that are now implementing slackline into their curriculum! the kids were super excited to learn, and very impressed by what we could do on the lines. Some of them were even trying butt bounces as i held their hand! (It took me a while to get the guts to try a butt bounce). We are going back to Funtastik next month to do some more demos - we are so excited to see our new friends Aaron and Birdie again and to teach some more kids to balance!

The Gearfest!
After PA, we headed to Dayton Ohio for the Gearfest. We met up with Team Riders Hayden and Brad and had a blast. The festival actually allowed us to set up a highline!! About 15 feet high and 90 feet  long. It ended up being my first semi free solo (meaning I walked it without a harness) AND Haydens first highline! It was super rad to walk highlines in front of a crowd. Everyone just stopped and stared.

Our set up for people to try :)
Hayden Nickell raging the line!

Then, Mike and I headed back to  Colorado and from Colorado we drove to Humboldt CA for the Humboldt Classic Slackline Competition! It's basically a bunch of hippies and stoners that live there (it was awesome!) It was so great to see everyone again (Jeremy, Andy, Hayley, Phoxx, Jono, Jerry, Susan, and many more!) Mike won first place in the Expert Division and Dan Portik came in second (SO proud! he's progressed so much since I saw him last). I won the women's division and Hayley came in second (I had a blast competing against Hayley, we're on very similar levels and she's such a great high spirted girl). Check out the video below for some footage!

After Humboldt, Mike, Jeremy and I drove down to Berkeley for a Gibbon DEMO at REI. On the way, we drove through the Redwoods!! So beautiful!!

It was a blast to slackline with Nick and Dan in  Berkeley (and Dan graciously let Mike and I crash at his house for a week). Below is a video from the Demo! You may witness some levitation....just sayin.

Now, we're in San Diego working on our Slackline 101 Film with Frankie. I'm psyched to get it done and have it available for sale! While were here, we  have also been invited to audition for Ameritca's Got Talent. I know, right!! We'll see how it turns out (we're not sure how we're going to make slackline into a real SHOW).

Stay tuned......Mike and I are going to appear on the Ellen Degeneres Show in November, AND America's Got Talent in 2011!!