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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Women of Slackline

I thought I would share a few videos of the top women in slacklining! (That I know of). I think it's SO important at the beginning of this sport, or any sport for that matter, that women push the envelope and set records in the female category. I believe that in order to push other women, women must stand apart and push EACHOTHER. This is in no way saying that we are less than men and therefore have to be in a separate category; I believe that women and men have different strengths, different weaknesses, and should be celebrated. Anyway! Below is a compilation of women's videos that I've seen from around the world (many of these girls are my good friends and have been an inspiration to me throughout my slackline career!)

Libby Sauter - USA

Hayley Ashburn and Myself - USA

Faith Dickey - USA

3.03 from vacaspurpuras on Vimeo.

Stephanie Siedel -Germany

Jelena and Ingrid - France

Elli Schulte - Germany

Taylor Fultz - USA

Carol Rangel - Brasil