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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mini East Coast Tour

Mike and i just finished a mini tour of the east coast that consisted of the Boston Ski Show, a demo at Funtastik Skate Shop in Mechanicsburg PA and two EMS demos.

The Ski Show was super busy and pretty exhausting but a ton of fun. It was Me, Mike, Hayden, Frankie, and Kate as the riders and Emilio and Jaime as well! We stayed with Emilios sister Febe in Tewksbury Mass. and had a great time getting to know her family. We are so grateful to have met her and her husband Leo, her daughter Nikki, and two sons Niko and Jake. They all came to the demo at least once as well. We did about 4 pro demos per day (showing off our skills and teachiing people what slackline is all about). The rest of the time was spent monitoring the lines, making sure everyone was being safe and answering questions. We almost sold out of lines!

The Funtastik Skate Shop demo was by far one of the best demos we have done. This was our second demo for this store and weve become great friends with the owner Aaron and his wife Birdie. They let us stay at their home and Birdies Mom cooked us a traditional PA dutch meal! We LOVED this event. It was for a high school PE program. We did a demo for about 5 classes and taught the kids how to walk the lines and showed them what is possible. Kids are my favorite to teach, especially high schoolers. They arent as afraid and a lot of them want to try tricks! There were a few people trying butt bounces and 360's ! Mike nailed 4 of 5 front flips and wowed everyone and there was this adorable 16 year old kid who asked for my number, haha!

The EMS demos were very slow - but the staff members were excited to learn and kept us company :)

Now were off to Moab for Thanksgiving to rage some highlines!! Its been a while since ive challenged myself on a long highline and i cant wait. Not only that, but there are going to be a lot of people trying highlines for their first time and this is one of my favorite things in the world - seeing people conquer their fear and get across. Eeeek!! My goals are to walk a 150-200 ft highline and at least attempt anything longer. I also want to jump off the highlines from the middle....i did this for the first time a few weeks ago and it was SO fun.

Anyway!! Ill post when i get back from Moab with a ton of epic photos. The people who i expect to walk their first highlines are:

Taylor Fultz, Dan Portik, Brent & Canyon Cain, and Taryn Edmonds. :) Ill be sure to include their progress in the next post!