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Saturday, November 13, 2010

my lifestyle

in boston for the ski show...the first day was CRAZY. SO many kids, so many people, eeek!! but it's so much fun watching people discover slackline for the first time. my favorite thing is showing kids what's possible and then watching them try the tricks and jumps. kids are the future of the sport, someday they're gonna be landing stuff we never even dreamed of. this is why i love my job!

getting to slackline with the guys all the time (mike, hayden, frankie, andy, etc) i get to learn SO much and try so much. there are so many things that I would NEVER have tried if I hadnt been encouraged to. for example, front flips! or butt bounce combos. i think my success in slackline can be attributed not only to my drive, but also the the guys (and the few girls) that i hang out with. so a BIG thanks to all of them. not only the guys, but on a rare occasion i get to slackline with women that are pushing the sport as well (like libby, faith, and hayley). this is SO much fun because i don't feel like the only girl in a group of guys anymore. we can swap tricks and ideas and actually be GIRLS. it's nice :) i cant wait to highline with faith and hayley in moab....less than a week til then!

so my life right now is pretty much, purely travel. every week i'm somewhere different slacklining at an event, a demo, or a competition. it's rare that we're in the same place for over a week. this is exciting but also exhausing at times! i am SO glad i get to have this opportunity and see the world before I get old; I am excited though to relax and get my own place. mike and i are going to rent a place in Moab where we can chill on our time off. moab is definitely the place that i want to live....theres SO much to do there, i dont think i could ever get bored. climbing, highlining, cliff jumping, mountain biking, hiking, running, skiing, arrow-head searching.....

anyway - i currently dont have a computer and therefore cant upload pictures (im using other peoples computers right now...). hopefully my computer will be fixed soon and i cant start posting pics again. ill post soon!