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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ski Show Denver

Hi all! Just finished the Ski Show in Denver with the team (Mike, Hayden, Hayley, Dan, Frankie, & Chris). We all had an awesome time learning new tricks and getting people stoked on slackline! I leearned how to go onto my tippy toes, then down into a crouch still on tippy toes and also how to turn around! Its one of my new favorite tricks now. After the show, Mike Taylor and I went to a trampoline gym in Denver and worked out jumps, butt bounces and flips! I feel a lot more confident with fronts now. I cant wait to start landing on the line.

Mike and i are now headed to Boston for another ski show. Im excited to be on my home turf ( new england) and also try some flips. And hopefully see my fam!

Anyway! Gotta pack and such....tonight Hayley Mike and I are having a welcome back Andy dinner *he just got back from Italy where he won the first Slackline World Cup!*

Location : 981 11th St, Boulder, CO 80302,