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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gobble Gobble 2010

Another Thanksgiving in Moab and another unforgettable experience. 8 highlines all in the same location.....36 ft, 37 ft, 75 ft, 92 ft, 115 ft, 130 ft, 165 ft, and 200 ft! I sent all but the last 2....and beat my personal record by sending the 130 footer! What i really wanted was to send the 165 foot line, but couldnt seem to get into the right mindset. I would get about 4 steps and bail out. My legs are still bruised from all the line catches, but thats how i know i tried!

One thing i love about highline trips is challenging myself, but what i love even more is watching and encouraging others as they push themselves further than they have ever gone before. There were quite a few beginners this year and it was so rewarding to see them take it step by step, conquering their innate fear of falling. Only 2 beginners sent.....Davis and Charlie. The rest had trouble standing and walking but every single one got out onto the lines. I was particularly impressed with Taryn....she  took a pretty intense fall onto her leash but didnt let her fear get the best of her and remained calm the entire time. Cassie and Taylor also did a great job getting out there despite their fear!

Some accomplishments of the trip:

Brian Mosbaugh walked his personal record at 165 feet (full man)

Hayley Ashburn walked her personal record at 92 feet (and the line was wicked loose!)

Faith Dickey onsighted her longest line at 165 feet in a swami (full babe)

Andy Lewis free soloed his longest line at 130 feet (full man)

Hayden Nickell sent his longest highline at 130 feet

Jared Alden also sent 130 feet, his longest!

And my man Mike Payton walked his longest highline of 200 feet (full man)

If there are any accomplishments i forgot please let me know!! I want to include everyone.

It was a lot of fun hanging out by the campfire and getting to know everyone. I met some awesome highliners i hadnt met before (Thomas Sloss, Harlan, Tancrede, Julien, Mich, Charlie, Davis, Emily, and Nathan).

The weather was frigid, some nights it was below zero! Mike and i zipped our sleeping bags together so we were pretty warm....we woke up one morning to 3 inches of snow, our bags frozen to the tent and water dripping down onto our heads!

For Thanksgiving a few of us went into town to stay with friends Brent and Canyon.....everyone else stayed and watched Dylan slaughter a live turkey, clean it and cook it over the fire! Im sorry i missed that!