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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Move to Moab

Mike and I just moved to Moab, Utah and are beyond thrilled to be here!!!! It is probably the most beautiful place I have ever been (EVER)....not just because of the landscape, but because of how much there is to do! So far we've gone for a hike with our buddy Ryan to "The Fins"....the picture to the right is where we went. Look @ all that highline potential!! Next time we're going to bring our gear and rig some lines ;-) I really want to get into bolting and establishing my own soon as I learn how to bolt properly, I'll be sure to post my lines!

We're living  with some friends Trish and Mari Sol. They are GREAT and they're house is beautiful. From the house, there's a view of an enormous Sandstone wall spanning all the way into town, and on the other side - the Lasal Mountains! Theres a horse on the property, two dogs and two cats....not including my dog. I'm pretty much in heaven here already. Below is a view of the mountains from the house, and Mikey chillen in the yard.

Mike and I are here for about one more day, and then we're heading back to the Denver area for the holidays. From there, I'm going to Orlando with the Gibbon Team for the SURF Show (an expo of all sorts of ski and snowboard gear...and also the Gibbon booth ;-) )....and then it's going to be super busy until March! I'm glad in a way because the weather isn't super amazing here in Moab for climbing and highlining....and when I get back, I hope its going to be warmer and sunnier! I can't wait to start Trad climbing regularly, and highlining whenever we want!! I'll write soon with more updates and I am busy with Gibbon events!

Here is a video of our recent slack sesh @ the park....Mikey, Me, Canyon (14 years old), Brent, Ryan, and our new roommate Trish :)