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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ive decided to re-evaluate my life a bit and focus on more important things. For the last two years I have been seriously focusing on myself (meaning on my athletics, my job, and my happiness). But, as 2011 has rolled around Ive decided that there are much more important and valuable things that I need to pay attention to. Friends, is the first. I do not want to be that friend that is really hard to keep in contact with and i sometimes feel that I am that friend. That being said, my efforts are going to go towards spending much more time with the people that i love in my life, and calling them! texting them! etc! My friends are what put the color in my life, and I cannot put that aside.

Secondly, I really want to GIVE. I feel like sometimes I get caught up in what I am receiving. I think its part of the human existence; overcoming the ego and wanting everything for ourselves. Ive found that part of me poking out a little bit too much and I want to focus more on giving to others instead. I feel so much better after seeing someone smile when i've helped them, or gotten them a present, or just said something nice. I find a lot of joy in that, quite possibly even more joy than I feel when I receive something for myself. Id love to encourage all of you who took the time to read my blog to try giving to others more than you normally do and see how your life changes for the better :)

I am currently in Salt Lake City for one of the biggest Outdoor Retailer Shows in the US (if not THE biggest). We all just finished setting up our booth today and are excited for the first day tomorrow. Its always a blast showing people slacklining for the very first time and seeing how intrigued and excited they get! I'll be sure to post some pics of the show.

After the show I'm off to Moab until I fly out to Germany for the ISPO Trade Show in Munich! I'm so excited to experience Germany (it will be my first trip to a country that speaks a foreign language!!) AND I'm excited to compete in the competition! Apparently there will be no girls competition so I will have to compete against the guys, eek!!! Pictures soon :)