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Friday, March 25, 2011

Newest Trickline Video and a Highline Extravaganza!

Soooo....I'd like to start off this post with our newest video! A couple weeks ago, Mike and I went to Berkeley, CA for a day, met up with a bunch of our slackline friends and played around for 8 straight hours on the slacklines at Bridges Rock Gym. We got some great footage of the day, so here is the video! It features Alpha Mike, Myself, Dan Portik, Brad Schneider, Alex Mason, and Damian Cooksey. (Editing by Dan Portik and I have to say...he has outdone himself!)

Besides that, Mike and I have been busy with Gibbon Events, but have been able to spend time at home the last couple of days (in Moab). It's so great to be here and have the opportunity to climb and highline! We went climbing the first two days and I got to practice my Trad skills. The third and fourth day, a crew of us went out to a new highline area and rigged 3 lines...a 70 footer, a 115, and a 150. I was able to walk the 70 and the 115 but just couldnt get into the right mindset to walk the 150. Right now, 150 feet is my goal and for some reason it's really tripping me out! I walked out to the middle of the line twice and just started to freak out and fell. I know I can walk any length highline - i just really need to focus on my mental state and relaxing.

It's funny - a lot of times when my life is stressful and I have a lot on my mind, I get A LOT more freaked out walking out onto a highline. But, when things are going well and I'm content with my life...I can focus and feel a lot more confident in my abilities. It's amazing how the mind is so involved! Even things in your unconcious can affect your performance.

While we were out there we had some great sends and great attempts. Some noteworth sends were:

Eddie Marovich - 70 footer! Also, an intentional whipper and some great catches.

Charlie Long - 70 footer: multiple walks.

Thomas Sloss - 150 footer! He was super solid and impressed me with his ability to just keep getting out there and trying again.

Hayden Nickell - 70 footer!

Jeremy Louis - 150 footer. Ridiculously solid. He basically sprinted across on his first walk!

Mike Payton - 115 footer. Unfortuntely he wasnt there when we rigged the 150 the next day (i know he would have sent it!)

I've chosen a few of the best photos of the day to post : Enjoy! (Click on the photo for an enlargement)