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Saturday, April 23, 2011

I broke my personal longline record!!!

Today Mike, Hayden, Jared and I set up a 413 foot longline in the park (in Moab) and the "send-ergy" was high. I smashed my personal record with an on-sight! I am super stoked to have finally beaten 300 feet; It's such a milestone! I feel like I have been stuck at 300 for quite some time. It only made me more excited to try and break the 500 mark very soon. I'm SO excited to be living here in Moab because there is so much opportunity to do everything that I love.....climbing, tricklining, longlining, and highlining. I decided to get a job here waiting tables so I can spend as much time here as possible.  ;-)

Mike sending the way back

Hayden sending!

Jared beaking his personal record!


annnd me again.