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Friday, May 6, 2011

120 footer at the Serenity Bowl

Yesterday Mike, Faith, Janek, Terry and I went out to the "Serenity Bowl" and rigged a 120 foot highline on this crazy European webbing called "Eon". It was super light, a bit slippery, and VERY static. We backed up the line with Vectran (a similar webbing that's popular here in the US) so the line was unbelievable light and static in general. I thought this would make it easier to walk, but because I am so used to walking on type 18 webbing or tubular webbing it was actually more difficult for me! The line moved in a very different way. The reverberations are hard to explain, it's just a totally different experience in my opinion. I really struggled on this line; my first attempt I got about to the middle and took a real nice whipper. Then I had about 5 falls until I finally sent it one way. It seemed that all of us were having trouble on this line, but we all ended up sending (except for Terry who made some nice attempts). It was a fun experience to try this crazy webbing, but I think the conclusion Ive made is that it's just a bit too light for my taste. I am a fan of the traditional heavy highline, and that's what I'm used to! But, a true slackliner can master any type of webbing at any tension, so it's always nice to try something new.

Here are some shots Mike took of me on the line. the first one is one of my failed attempts , and then is the success :)