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Monday, May 23, 2011

The Highlife in Moab - May 2011

Hayley and I out at the highlines.

May has been a great month so far. Mike and I have had lots of visitors in Moab! First we had our friends Kate and Carissa come stay with us for a week. We did some climbing, hiking, highlining, and camping, petroglyph viewing....etc ;-) We went to see the Delicate Arch in Arches National Park; it was my first time out there as well and it was soo beautiful!! The hike was really pleasant, and once you get to the Arch it's just so astounding how something like that was created. We also did some pondering about how the heck Dean Potter free soloed that thing.

We did some climbing on "Wall Street" as well, which is a super well known crag here in Moab. You just drive up to the climbing wall, get out, and climb. There's no approach whatsoever. I think this is why it's so popular. The climbs are 95% trad, which is awesome because that's what I'm psyched on getting better at right now. I've been leading a lot more trad climbs and am starting to feel more comfortable with's really different than sport climbing in a scary yet really good way. You have the control over where to place your protection, it's not already set there for you. And,, you have control over the placement as well. It takes a lot more confidence in yourself beacause not only are  you trusting your body to climb, but your trusting your mind to place the gear properly. I love how challenging it is.

The three of us along with Hayley went highlining and camped out there for the night (just us girls). The guys were there with us for the day and when they were leaving us someone asked " Um, is it just you girls camping out here?" and we had a hilarious boys vs. girls dispute on whether or not we would be okay on our own. Hayley had the best one liner " Hey, Andy....I left a whistle on your pack. Make sure you use it when you get lost". Bahahaha.

We had spent the previous day rigging and walking the lines; neither Kate or Carissa sent that day. But, the next morning we stuck around and encouraged them and they both sent a highine!!!  Carissa sent the 22 foot highline, and Kate sent the 47 footer. Both lines are very exposed, about 350 feet off the deck. Below are some pics of their visit. I am so proud of both of them and am ecstatic about getting girls out on the lines ;-)

Kate sending "The Chiquita" 47 feet long :) Woo!!

Should we get out there? Hmmm.....

Carissa sending "The Cerry"! 22 feet long

Me on "From Switzerland with Love" - 102 feet

A Gibbon Ad ;-)
Crazy badass cactus!!!

Hayley sending "The Cherry" - 22 feet

Next we had Phillip come visit from Germany. He's traveling around the world taking slackline footage for a video he's making and it was great to hang out and show him Moab as well. We did some highlining, tricklining AND longlining. Below are a few shots that he took while he was here!


The Alpha 

Hay Hay sending a 210 footer after her knee surgery- so glad she's back!

mid- desert trickline

Hay and I

Sir Kinloch Mason Earle

Canyon Cain sending his personal best!! 210 feet, hell yes! 

Butt Bizounce

Mr. Lewis

"The Bad Apple" - 88 feet

Ya-ya! Heinz Zak and Andy Lewis being macho men