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Monday, August 1, 2011

California!! Mt. Tam Highline & Taft Point Highline

I took a trip to California and had a great time seeing all my friends and family! First I went to San Jose to visit a good friend Julia from summer camp years ago :) We went to see Neon Tree's in the park and then I headed up to Lake Tahoe to meet up with  Hayley Ashburn. We rigged two highlines in Cali, Mt. Tam Highline in the Bay Area and Taft Point in Yosemite. It's really empowering to be  rigging lines with Hayley, us both being females in the sport. There are so few of us - it feels like we're doing things that really haven't been done before. We want to keep pushing our limits in as many ways as we can.

Mt. Tam has been a long standing project for me, I've been up there SO many times to try and walk it and this time I finally did. It was the best feeling to rig it AND walk it! I feel like I've progressed so much as a slackliner! Friends Jared, Bess and  Layla joined us and Jared took some photos. Thanks so much to everyone who came out and helped us out. And congrats to everyone who got out on the line and gave it a try!! Here are some photos of Mt. Tam Highline - 115 feet long at the top of Mt. Tamalpais in Mill Valley, CA. Complete view of the San Francisco Bay from the top! One of the most picturesque lines I've walked.

Andrew Tysinger getting getting to get out onto the Mt. Tam Highline!  

Hayley Andrew and I enjoying the sunset.

Damian Cooksey rockin' Mt. Tam! 

Me on my first send of Mt. Tam!! 115 feet long....such a challenge but I finally pulled it off. 

Hayley standin' up!


The crew that came out with us. Such a  beautiful place!
And here are some photos from Taft Point in Yosemite.

Hayley and I!
Me sending :)

Beautiful Shot by Hay
Hay in the splits!
Bess!! This is her first highline send ever. I am so impressed! A yosemite highline is so exposed and she walked it on her 3rd try. Congrats!!


Hay in exposure
Thanks for reading! This past month has been really great for self improvement. I really needed to go on a trip and just explore.....I feel refreshed and ready to be back in Moab! Next on the list - theFirst Annual Gibbon Games in Salt Lake City!! I am competing in a co-ed competition and cannot wait to see slackers from all over the US and abroad! I'll be taking photos at the event so stay tuned :)