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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Moving to Boulder

I've moved to Boulder!!! It's been only a few weeks now that I've been here, and I am LOVING it so far. I left Moab, Utah because I was starting to get the itch to go somewhere new and Boulder just felt right. So far I have met countless slackliner's that are super stoked on the sport, so I have a feeling I'll be fitting in just fine :) I've also starting working on a  new program with Gibbon Slacklines. It's called the "Slackline Scholarship Challenge". I'm partnered with Josh Beaudoin, an amazing slackliner from Golden, CO and we will be traveling across the state of Colorado spreading the sport in high school's and colleges. As we tour the state, we will be spreading the sport and also getting kids excited and involved in 5 regional competitions in 2012. The top 3 competitors from each competition will be invited to a statewide competition for a chance to win a scholarship, sponsored by Adidas. I'm super excited to be involved in this program; I think slacklining has the potential to change many people's lives, they just need to be introduced to it!

Yesterday, Josh and I did our first event at Denver East High School. Here are a few pics! And if you are interested in getting involved, join the Slackline Scholarship Challenge Facebook Group

I also just got back from Moab for a Thanksgiving highline festival. It was so rad!!! Slackers from around the world came, and there were 8 highlines up, maybe even more at one point. I walked my longest highline to date, it was 135 feet long and about 400 feet high. I was also able to attempt the first ever "Space Line" rigged by Alexander Schulz from Germany. He came up with the idea of having 3 highlines rigged over a gap, while connected at the center. So, when walking any 3 of the lines, you are walking into space!! Below are a few pics of it!

Most epic line EVER!!!! Anyway, below is a video of my best attempts on it. Enjoy!