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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ouray Highline "Alternate Ambling" - 40 ft. long

I am absolutely loving my new home in Colorado. Years ago I dreamed about living here someday and now it's real! There's so much to do, such beautiful landscapes & radical people to adventure with. It's been such a fun winter so far! Recently some friends and I drove down to Ouray to rig up a highline at the Ice Festival they hold there. We drove 8 + hours and when we got there they shut us down! They didn't seem so keen on having a highline rigged at their event although there was one last year. Apparently someone had free-soloed the line last year and that turned them off of the sport. I understand the want to free-solo lines but it's SO important to remember the effect is has on the sport. It's going to take a lot of work to get the people at the Ice Festival back on our side.

We didn't let that stop us though; we went and found another spot to rig up a line and it turned out to be a great day! The line was about 40 feet long and maybe 100 ft. high and we named it "Alternate Ambling". We rigged it from a bridge directly over a gorge and to a tree. The rig was pretty simple and it was such a beautiful line. Everyone was able to challenge themselves in some way; I always love seeing people out on the line pushing past their fear. Highlining is such a beautiful thing for both the body and mind. Below are some photos of the day!

The crew on our long drive! 

Finishing up the rig, getting ready to walk! 

Scott Turpin on his first walk of this line. Beautiful! 

My Pup!

Buck Crockett sending his second highline ever!! Go Buck!

Me very happy!

Me on my first walk of this line. Such a beautiful view!

Quinn Carrasco on his first send. 

Mickey Wilson "Calling his Mom" 

Rad trick!

Getting ready to try some tricks.

"Drop Knee"