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Monday, January 23, 2012

Stoked Gold Highline - 93 ft. long - 400 ft. high!!

This past weekend I went highlining with a bunch of awesome slackliners from Golden, CO. My friends Josh Beaudoin and David Stallman had scoped out a highline about 400 ft. off the deck in Clear Creek Canyon and went out there to bolt it. It ended up being THE SCARIEST highline I've walked in Colorado, for sure. It was super exposed and pretty long!! The first day we hiked up there in the snow and it was a pretty gnarly approach. I had the absolute WRONG shoes on for it (I wore my adidas approach shoes and they ended up being super slippery for snowy conditions). There was a lot of slipping and falling! We got up there and didn't end up getting the line up that day (we ran out of sunlight). So, we left everything up there for the night and went back early the next morning. That day instead of hiking we all jugged up some fixed ropes. It was a long jug, but totally worth it. We got the line rigged in just under 2 hours and all got to play around on it until we started running out of sunshine.

When I got onto the line I really wanted to on-sight it in my swami belt (like a harness with no leg loops - it makes it scarier because you HAVE to catch the line or else it will really hurt). I was a little mentally off that day and for some reason not "on it" like usual. I got out there and tried to stand up in my swami. My head started freaking out and I couldn't focus. I kept telling myself to just keep stepping, keep breathing, but then thoughts would come into my head like "nope, you can't right'll fall. you won't catch. look how far that is!". I fell and caught the line. I heard my friend Scott encouraging me to try again, so I did but it was all of the same thoughts in my head. I just didn't feel ready for it. My longest swami as of right now is 88 feet. This was only a few feet longer but I wasn't in proper mental space. I put on my harness and walked it no problem. It's amazing what a little bit of security can do for you mind!

Here are some pics of the line.....enjoy!

"Dude,'ve gotta try this tea!"

Buck gettin' after it!

Getting ready to walk....this line was definitely a challenge!

Double drop knee looking into the exposure.

Heading back to the stable ground.

Scott Turpin in double drop knee! He just learned the trick about a few weeks ago.

Scott on his walk

Almost there!

Coming back.

The jug up to the line.....400 feet!