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Monday, February 6, 2012

Superbowl Weekend!

So, this has been a very special weekend for many reasons. Andy Lewis slacklined in the superbowl halftime show (see the previous post for details) so naturually a bunch of us gathered at Type 18 Terry's house in Fruita, Colorado to watch the show. We spent the day playing on the slacklines in his yard....and there are so many to play on! We almost missed the halftime show because we were outside playing ;-) My parents were here visiting on their way to California and for a while now my Dad has been wanting to try his first highline. We got him up on Terry's 50 foot highline and he did so well. We put him on a top-rope so that he could get the feeling of the highline without having to fall too far and he made it about 4-5 steps. He didn't seem afraid of the height at all (I must get it from somewhere!). It was so cool to see my Dad try something for the first time, it was like the roles had reversed! My whole life my Dad was the one showing me the ropes and getting me into all kinds of different sports. It's about time that I taught him something new ;-)

Terry also has longlines in his yard, and a 100 foot chain that only about 15 people in the world have successfully walked (myself included!). On this trip my friend and roommate Quinn Carrasco walked it for his first time!! It's such a huge accomplishment to walk that's soooo wobbly and heavy and almost impossible to control. It's very different than a slackline so it takes some time to get used to. Congrats, Quinn! Here are some pics from Terry's house.

Quinn sending "The Chain"!

My Dad climbing up to the highline

Go Dad!

Me walking Terry's 120 foot Highline

Terry and I!

Quinn on Terry's 50 footer

The "Godfather" of Highlining.....Terry Acomb ;-)

The next day I took my parents to Moab for their first time. I've been hoping that they would get the chance to see it; It's such a magical place that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime! I took them on a hike where we saw some native american petroglyphs and later we went to my friend Ryan's house to walk some more slacklines, of course ;-) He has just rigged up a new highline in his yard as well as an 80 foot cable that's very similar to the chain I mentioned above. I was able to on-sight both the highline AND the cable!! STOKED! It's an amazing feeling to get on a line and feel strong. Every time I walk a line I can feel how much I've improved. My goal is to constantly be better than before. Below are some's been such an amazing weekend :)

Parents enjoying the scenery


On-sighting Ryan's 80 foot cable!!!

On-sighting Ryan's 122 foot Highline

Hayley and I!! Ya Vertigirls!

The crew

Richard Webb raging the highline