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Thursday, March 29, 2012


I've decided to share some of my favorite outdoor gear lately. There is so much stuff on the market, but the following are what I've found to be the best of the best. Thanks to Mountain HardwearBalance CommunityChacoGregory Packs and Brooks-Range Mountaineering for providing me with some of this gear: it's been tremendously helpful!!

This is the women's Nitrous Jacket by Mountain Hardwear. I love it. It's super light, packs down nicely, comes in some amazing colors and is soft and cozy. It's perfect for mild temperatures but you can also layer underneath or over the top. It's definitely my favorite puffy right now! It also comes in men's or with a hood.

This is the women's Lomasi 60 liter pack by Mountain Hardwear. I am not sure I can say enough about it. It's the best 60 liter pack I've ever used and here's why. First of all, it has a removable brain and underneath that brain is a permanent "mini brain" to substitute if you are carrying lighter loads. It's super comfy and disperses weight very well. It also has an adjustable back for different body types. There is a waterproof compartment in the "mini brain" that's perfect for storing electronics or other items that should't get wet. There are many compartments on this pack, which I love, and it also has front access to the body.The zippers are high quality and I haven't had any trouble with them; I like that they are reinforced with plastic tubes which make them easier to zip open and closed. I love the "sinches"; the design makes it really easy to tighten and loosen. I haven't had a design like that before and I really like it. Because it's so adjustable, I feel like this pack is great for many different uses: day hikes, climbing trips, backpacking, overnights....I am recommending it to my friends!

A fantastic hard shell for rainy or windy conditions, the women's Epic Jacket by Mountain Hardwear is such a pretty blue! Waterproof and with breathable material it allows for a very dry experience :-P There are also pit zips for extra breathability, an adjustable hood, and mesh pockets. YES!

This is the women's Petit Dru Pro 85 liter pack by Gregory. I am beyond excited to have this pack: it fits ALL of my highline gear (and that's a TON of gear) and it's also perfect for overnights. It has super durable material, reinforced gear loops, front access, a removable brain that becomes a "fanny pack" and has what they call the "Flo Form 2" waist belt which is SUPER comfortable. It's a squishy type material that feels really good against the skin and doesn't itch or scratch as you walk. I am in love with this pack and will be using it for all of my trips where a ton of gear is necessary. Thanks Gregory for supporting my lifestyle!

Chaco just came out with a new spring line and this is one of their new approach shoes! It's called the Torlan for women (also available in men's) and is a great addition to their product line. It's a very versatile shoe that I've been wearing for hanging around, going to work, and approaching climbs/highlines. It's lace up, has Vibram rubber on the bottom which is nice and grippy and has a wider footbed for extra room. Love, love, love!

This is the new women's Updraft Sandal by Chaco! It has a new "TPU frame" with ergonomic support posts for light-weight fit (different than their original frame), it's vegan, and has a non-marking sole. Chacos are just the best for so many things! Everywhere I go, I see Chacos. Thanks Chaco for inviting me to be on your Ambassador Team! Here's a link to their recent blog post about the new team:

This is my favorite webbing in the WORLD. I love tubular webbing to begin with, but when it's threaded it reduces sharpness of the line, distributes weight and therefore increases the life of your webbing. I love it for tricklining. When you're doing butt bounces, jumps, chest bounces it's much more forgiving than any Gibbon line. You get a lot more air time and therefore have more time in the air to adjust your body positions. I also like it for highlining anywhere from 20 - 60 feet. I like training tricklining on highlines with this webbing because it's so much softer on my body. It's the softest, bounciest, more special line ever.

These are my favorite pulley's for slacklining by far. They are ball bearing so are super smooth and paired up they create a 5:1 pulley system tensioning lines up to ~300 feet. If you use 4 of them, you will have a 9:1 system allowing you to tension even longer lines. I love them for tricklining, longlining and highlining. My favorite for sure! I bring them on every slackline adventure. Thanks Balance Community for providing such high quality slackine gear and having me on the Pro Team! I am so grateful to be involved with such a professional and high quality gear provider.

Last but not least, this is the Black Mountain Soft Shell by Brooks Range Mountaineering. It's such a high quality soft shell I feel lucky that I get to wear it. It is a water-resistant and breathable material with a fleece lining for ultra comfort. It zips up high, covering your chin but also has a zipper chin guard. The hood is helmet compatable which I love and it is very warm by itself without any layering. Brooks Range is also coming out with a waterproof down jacket, so check out their website!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think of these reviews and if there is anything else you would like to see on here.