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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Homeless by Choice

So yes, I am homeless by choice. I never imagined as a child that I would someday wish to be homeless, but here I am. There are many reasons for my choice and I've been getting a lot of questions lately about WHY I wouldn't want to just rent a place in Moab? Well....I've realized that I am very prone to getting into bad  "routines",  meaning that I tend to get lazy and stay inside a lot of the time when I have a comfortable place to live. Sounds strange for someone as outdoorsy as me, but sometimes I just get stuck inside and I don't really like that about myself. To remedy this tendency I've decided to live outside for a while and to be honest, it's extremely fun! I spend the day either working or playing outside in some manner....and as night falls I drive into the desert to find a place to rest my head. It's so beautiful being in the great wide open under the stars. I've never had so much time to ponder the cosmos, meditate, relax, breathe.....and each morning I get to witness the sunrise, something I've rarely witnessed in my lifetime.

I've come to the conclusion that no material item will ever matter as much as how I feel and living outside has made me feel ALIVE. Yes, it can be scary....but the more you do anything the more comfortable you become with it. I'm starting to feel comfortable without a home and a lot more comfortable with myself as a whole. Sometimes a drastic change is necessary in order to progress, and it's about time I made some major changes in my life.

Stay tuned for more revelations and self discovery. Thanks for following!!