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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Riverlining in Moab!

Gearing up to get on the line in my favorite Oakley's.
Since it's been so hot here in Moab (100 degrees almost everyday!) me and some friends have been rigging lines over the river when it cools down in the evening. It's such a nice place to rig long lines and work them! Recently my buddy Richard Webb and I rigged a 177 footer and a 200 footer (single Mantra webbing sold by Balance Community) and I was able to walk both of those which felt great. We are able to rig these lines without a backup because it's over the river and the consequences aren't deadly (which is a little easier on the mind as well). I love highlining with Richard because it's nothing but positive energy with that guy! He's really into highlining but is also an experienced skydiver, wingsuiter, BASE jumper and pilot. I'm super inspired by Rich and we are able to root each other on despite the fact that we are at different levels in the game. Rich is great.

Although I am feeling really solid on longer lines these days we rigged a 150 footer with double Mantra to train with the extra weight. On a typical highline rig, you always have a backup line so I want to get used to it and start feeling just as solid with it as I do without it. It adds such a different dynamic to the line which takes some getting used to. I walked the 150 six times and am so excited to take the lengths further and further. It's really difficult to describe the feeling of getting across such a long line after fighting so hard but I think it's a  combination of exhaustion, accomplishment, and pride that keeps me coming back for more.

On my first walk across the 150 I felt super stable and confident pretty much the whole way across, until I got to about 15 feet from the end. At that point, the tension of the line immediately shifts from the looseness of the middle to an extremely tight end. My body was really struggling to adjust and I was making a lot of larger corrections (throwing my arms around to save it). I happened to throw my arm in just the right way that I knocked my Oakley's off my head and into the river! The distraction caused me to fall. I couldn't seem to figure out which was more disappointing, losing my favorite sunglasses or falling 15 feet from the end! Ahhhh, I could hear Rich yelling from the other end, "Awwww Em......WHY!?"

Another great session with great company, so excited to keep at this quest for longer and longer lengths.

On my first walk, felt so solid until.....

Made it!! But notice my sunglasses are gone :(

Rich tying in and getting ready for his attempts. Look at that hippie! :-P

Rich fighting for it!