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Thursday, October 11, 2012

My photo feature in Outside Magazine - The Details

When I met Krystle Wright, I never would have imagined that her photos of me would be dispersed around the world in multiple publications such as The London Times, Russian Photo Magazine, The Red Bulletin, and most recently Outside Magazine. I have been highlining for about 4 years now and until this point had only dreamed of having such exposure. This blog post is a HUGE thank you to Krystle ( for supporting me and being such an inspiration to me. Krystle follows her own path pursuing adventure photography and along the way is an amazing friend and overall fantastic person.

The photo below, featured in Outside Magazine - November Issue 2012, was shot outside of Moab, Utah in an Arch that I'd rather not share the location of. In the past, other slackliners/highliners have gotten upset when Krystle, or other photographers, shared even the name of the particular canyon the highline was in for fear that others would find it too easily, or that they could somehow get in trouble for rigging a line there.

This particular line was first established/found by another highliner but for this photo I did all of the rigging and walking, one of my most proud accomplishments yet. Half of the line was set up on traditional climbing gear (camelots and nuts) and the other side was 2 equalized bolts. To set it up, I rappelled down on each side to set up the anchors and as for the line, I had friends down below attach each end to a rope and I pulled the line up while sitting at the anchors. It was a bit of a tricky rig and a line that I wouldn't allow anyone else to step onto because I didn't want anyone to take a "whipper" on it (a fall onto the leash system). There was potential abrasion (the line rubbing against the rock) and lines set on traditional gear aren't designed to take large loads. At this point, I'm very solid on lines of this length and was confident I wouldn't overload the system with a fall. Overall, I am so proud and happy with the outcome and am excited to work with Krystle again.

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"Apparently, Arch Highlines are hard to find," says Wright, who declined to reveal the precise location of this span between the legs of a 150-foot tall natural arch outside Moab, Utah. "The last time I told the press where I shot a slackliner, people got so ticked", says Wright. Despite the indiscretion, Emily Sukiennik, of Concord, New Hampshire, invited the Australia-based photographer to join her on a sunset slacklining trip during which Sukiennik traversed this 50 foot rope more than 20 times without falling."