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Monday, November 5, 2012

Mark Solper Loves to Fly

My boyfriend Mark is in LOVE with all things flying. Anything having to do with it and he starts acting like a little kid on christmas morning, so excited to uncover what is under the wrapping paper. It's very rare that I see anyone this passionate about anything, but he truly is in love with the art of human flight. It comes as no surprise considering both of his parents are pilots and he grew up surrounded by it. But really, truly....Mark loves to fly.

He's been skydiving since he was 18 (he started without his parents knowledge at the local drop zone and they found out by seeing the charges on his bank statement). Since then he has gotten into Wingsuiting (or what people sometimes call flying in a "Squirrel Suit") and for about 4 years now he's been BASE jumping (jumping off of cliff's, buildings, or other structures with a parachute). Thankfully for me, he moved here to Moab from Phoenix, Arizona in the beginning of 2012 to experience all that Moab has to offer him.

So far, Mark has done about 300 BASE jumps both in Phoenix and Moab and I am so grateful to have been able to watch him live out his passion. I just had to share this video of one of his recent jumps because it's just too beautiful not to. This video is from his point of view while he does a layed out gainer off the the "Tombstone", a well known jump within the BASE community and also a well known and very difficult trad climb. This cliff is approximately 400 feet high and I am the little black speck down below in what looks like a parking area (well, the black speck is my car, but you know what I mean).

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do and if you'd like to learn more about Mark, check out his blog: