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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Before heading to Pheonix for the holidays, my boyfriend and I (and the dogs) went out for some highlining. There's a really cool place one of my good friends discovered that has a beautiful view of the Green River and multiple highline set-ups at different lengths. I had been out there once before and wanted to go back to rig another one of the lines. I really wanted to challenge myself more than usual so I rigged it with threaded tubular webbing, which is a lot heavier and more dynamic than many other webbings out there. This means that the lines will be a lot more difficult to control, loose, and wobbly. It's a lot scarier being out on the line when it takes a lot of work to control it! The line was about 80 feet long and I fell on the first couple of attempts, but then once I got in the groove I was able to walk it multiple times. It was so nice to feel challenged and scared; when you get good at something sometimes the thrill goes away. I love getting to the other side after feeling terffified, it's so relieving and exhilarating! Mark gave it a bunch of attempts and struggled. He hasn't had too much practice on highline's and this line was particularly difficult, so I told him not to be too hard on himself. It takes a lot  of courage to even get out there! Overall it was a great day of rigging, playing out on the line, watching the dogs enjoy the outdoors and exploring the area!

Putting on my Chacos, or rather, "Sockos" for the cold weather :)

First walk! Such a gorgeous place, one of my favorite highline spots.

Busting out some tricks

Chacos on the line! 

"Double drop knee"

Loving my Oakley Women winter clothes! 

Mark getting ready to give it a try
Go  Mark!! It takes a lot to get out there, I mean it!

One of my favorite shots from the day.